Celestial Seasonings Tour


We have been on this wonderful short, sweet, and free tour of the Celestial Seasonings plant in Boulder at least three times.  We take all of our out of town guests on the tour.  To be honest I truly enjoy the tour and tasting room.  They serve up plenty of wonderful free tea samples.

My favorite room on the tour is the Mint Room.  The smell of mint is strong and will definitely clear your sinuses but I love it.

They give you a sample pack of tea as the entrance ticket to the tour.  They have a cafe and a wonderfully stocked gift shop.  I have been on the weekend and also on a week day and there didn’t seem to be too much difference regarding the tour.  The weekend tours won’t show the factory in production but you get the idea.  I highly recommend a drive to Boulder to enjoy the Celestial Seasonings free tour.


Example of tour ticket


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