Eating Our Way Through Denver!

This is the list of restaurants that have been recommended by friends and people we meet while out and about…..thank you for the recommendations!  We can’t wait to try these culinary experiences.

1.  ChoLon Bistro

2.  Fruition

3.  Vesta Dipping Grill

4.  Beatrice & Woodsley

5.  Blake Street Vault

6.  Mizuna

7.  Steuben’s

8.  LoHi Steakbar

9.  Citron Bistro

10. Bones

I have only added 10 Denver restaurants at this time.  Some of the restaurants on this list coincide with my previous post–the 25 best restaurants named by The Denver Magazine 5280 (

We’ll let you know about our dining experiences and this time I won’t forget my camera!


8 thoughts on “Eating Our Way Through Denver!

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  4. Bones was hands down my favorite in Denver until I had the pleasure of going to Fruition, which is beyond words. The carbonara dish on the appetizer menu is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. Also, ChoLon is fantastic and you have to get the soup dumplings when you go…they’re amazing! You’re going to have a great time trying all these places I’ve been to a lot of them and am having some nostalgia reliving it. Also, it’s not on your list but I would recommend Linger in LoHi once you’ve made your way through this list they have some great small plates inspired by street food around the world.

    • I have heard great things about Fruition. I can’t wait to finish this list and move on to my other top 10. Most of the restaurants recommended are from people that we talk with while out and about. I can’t think of a bad recommendation yet. Everything has been really good.

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