Another Great Reason to Love Living in Colorado–Part 1

Between the two of us, my husband and I have lived in many places.  However, Colorado has a unique dynamic.  Colorado is somewhat centrally located in the United States.  This central location has allowed us to experience some wonderful road trips.  Some of these road trips would have taken us much too long if we lived on the west or east coasts.  Since we have lived in Colorado we have taken road trips to Santa Fe, New Mexico, Rapid City, South Dakota, and West Virginia.  The pictures in this post are of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

**Side note:  We planned the trip to Santa Fe (approx. 6 hours/394 miles away from Denver) because we needed to fulfill our Trader Joe’s fix.  We heard that Trader Joe’s is coming to Colorado soon!


8 thoughts on “Another Great Reason to Love Living in Colorado–Part 1

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  2. These are truly wonderful photos! I haven’t been to Santa Fe for a while and after seeing these, I would love to go back. 🙂
    Thanks for coming to party with me!

  3. Can’t believe there is no TJ’s in all of Colorado. It was a hardship for us when the closest one was in the next town over, almost 30 minutes away. Now we’ve got one almost within walking distance. They know me by name! Love Colorado. Love your photos, especially the white cross against the blue sky. Missed you at the party. Guess I’ll have to get to know you here.

    • You are very lucky to have a Trader Joe’s that close. Taking a trip to Santa Fe is not so bad. The Trader Joe’s there is packed. I think a lot of people from Colorado make the trek to stock up. Thanks for the follow.

  4. Beautiful pictures! As for Trader Joe’s, I live on the East Coast and have never set foot in one. I feel like I’ve been left out of a terrific place! Colorado is a beautiful place and Sante Fe is so special. I always feel so more connected to the Earth there. I miss being west of the Mississippi….another few years and I’m heading out that way! Glad you came to the virtual party so that I could find you!

    • I have decided I can’t live west of Colorado. I have lived in Missouri and Georgia and I can’t hang with the humidity. Trader Joe’s is a wonderful grocery store. In my opinion it is gourmet and affordable. Santa Fe is a beautiful place. We enjoyed our trip even if it was a quick over night trip to shop at Trader Joe’s :). Thank you for the follow. Have a great weekend.

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