A Paris Street Market

A Paris Street Market is located at Aspen Grove in Littleton, ColoradoA Paris Street Market is an open-air, vintage, antique, and artisan market.  Lots of wonderful treasures are in abundance at this market.  We have been to the market twice.  We found that going to the market early is the best strategy for great finds!  The market starts May 5th for the 2012 season and the hours are 8 am–3 pm.

Some market tips from the website:  http://www.aparisstreetmarket.com/

1.  arrive early (bring a flashlight if it is before sunrise)

2.  the market runs rain or shine

3.  wear comfy shoes

4.  bring a backpack so your hands are free to touch & feel merchandise

5.  bring cash

6.  visit food vendors at the market

7.  while shopping remember–imagination is the key ingredient

**There is also a market in Boulder, Colorado that starts on June 9, 2012 (9am-3pm).



7 thoughts on “A Paris Street Market

  1. One of my friends from high school is from Littleton, CO. This is literally the second time I have heard of that town. I really need to check it out. Sounds like a great market.

  2. I love farmers markets and I love French markets, the ones with all the “other” stuff, other than just food. We have a wonderful market nearby, http://www.northunionfarmersmarket.org/markets/shaker.html, so if you’re ever in Cleveland, stop by. I’m often selling chevre for Mackenzie Creamery, http://www.mackenziecreamery.com/, and having a blast. Although it’s called a farmers market there are also artists and entrepreneurs of other types as well.

    I lived in Steamboat Springs many years ago, then in Greeley for a year. Loved it there and I love the mountains!

    • Thank you for stopping by lovelivingincolorado. I love a good market. I will have to keep the market in mind when we are visiting in West Virginia….shouldn’t be too far of a drive if we spend the night in Cleveland. I have heard great things about Steamboat Springs. I love the mountains too and chevre….(really all cheese!).

      • I think Cleveland’s a very underrated city. There’s a wonderful zoo, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame if you like that sort of thing, a world-class art museum, etc. And Cleveland has many wonderful restaurants. Let me know if you’re stopping and if I’m there, maybe we could meet.

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