Greek Food

A friend recommended Chef Zorba’s ( and we have not been disappointed.  I love Greek food.  Every visit to Chef Zorba’s my husband and I order the same dish.  I took pictures of our meals.  I always order the Spanakopita plate (spinach and feta cheese baked between layers of flaky Phyllo dough pastry, served with Gyro, pita, french fries, a small bowl of mixed tomato based vegetables, and a side of Tzatziki) and my husband always gets the Greek style lamb chops (succulent lamb chops marinated in Greek herbs, spices & olive oil, grilled to perfection and served with rice pilaf).  Each dish comes with a small Greek salad or soup.  Both soup and salad are delicious.  We have also enjoyed the spicy feta cheese dip.  After visiting Greece in 1995 I learned to enjoy Nescafe frappes.  Chef Zorba’s make frappes just like the frappes I had in Greece.


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