Fostering Kittens in the Mile High City

When we moved to Colorado I wanted to start doing some volunteer work.  I contacted our local animal league called the Dumb Friends League ( to inquire about fostering.  The name of the League is derived from an animal shelter in London, England.  My husband and I attended the foster training classes, were personally interviewed by the League, and had a home visit by a representative from the League.  The League lets you decide what type of animals you are willing to foster and we decided on kittens.  We have fostered a total of 7 kittens.  Some kittens stay with us a month and others only a few weeks.  It all depends on how much TLC they need.  Fostering kittens has brought us a lot of joy in Colorado.  Yes, it is hard to give them back to the League for adoption.  But, knowing they have been loved and cared for so they can be adopted is very fulfilling.


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