Guanella Pass Road

Yesterday, April 7, 2012 we took one of the Colorado scenic drives from our scenic drive “to do” list (  From Denver we took I-70 West to Georgetown.  After getting off of the Georgetown exit we turned left and stopped at the Georgetown Visitor Center (on the right) for some quick direction clarification.

The Guanella Pass Road is very easy to find in the town of Georgetown.  The drive was absolutely gorgeous yesterday.  The top portion of the drive was closed and should reopen some time in May.  The sky was so blue and clear and the air was crisp and fresh.  We also saw some deer grazing by homes in Georgetown as we were leaving.  Guanella Pass Road still has quite a bit of snow left but if the weather stays warm it should melt quickly.  This drive is a definite must do and it is not too far from Denver.

Guanella Pass Road


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