Blake Street Vault

On March 13, 2012 I posted about Eating Our Way Through Denver! (  One of the restaurants on the list posted was the Blake Street Vault.

The Blake Street Vault is located at 1526 Blake Street.

Here is how our story goes….We walked in to the Blake Street Vault and had a seat.  We looked over the menu.  I noticed at the bottom of the menu there was a piece about the history of the saloon.  I quickly scanned it and moved on to ordering the cheese curds for an appetizer.  The cheese curds were delicious.  For dinner my husband ordered the buffalo burger and I ordered the special of the day barbequed pulled pork sandwich.  Both were very yummy!  As we were finishing our dinner the very informative and hospitable server came by to check on us.  I decided to ask her if the Blake Street Vault was haunted.  She said with a smile, “there are things that happen at the vault after closing.”  Coincidentally, Kyle the General Manager was conducting a tour right at that moment.  She suggested we take the tour of the vault.  We did.  This is where things get interesting.

In short, the good folks at the Blake Street Vault have had encounters with the “past.” The tour gives you a quick history lesson of early Denver.  On the tour you get to go down to the basement which isn’t too bad but you get to see the infamous vault.  “The Blake Street Vault restaurant and bar have been named after this ornate vault which had been hidden under a trap door for over a century.”  (  Kyle said 32 people have fit in the vault on the tour before but there were only about 5 of us inside and I felt like it was a tight squeeze.  As an added bonus Kyle will close the vault doors to give you an idea of how dark it is inside the vault.  It only lasts for 5 seconds but it is creepy.  When you step out of the vault he explains why there are scratch marks on the ceiling of the vault. I hope this snippet of information entices you to stop by the Blake Street Vault.  I purposely left out other information that we learned on the tour.  For instance the scratches on the vault ceiling, the 3rd booth on the left hand side of the restaurant, what lies underneath the 3rd booth on the left hand side of the restaurant and the lady in black who has been seen sitting at the 3rd booth on the left hand side of the restaurant……..You must visit!

For information on the ghost of the Blake Street Vault

Whether you are a visitor or a resident of Colorado please check out the Blake Street Vault.  The food is delicious, the staff is wonderful, but the history is absolutely fascinating.  I could have stayed all night listening to the vault’s past.

Read more about Blake Street Vault’s history here:


3 thoughts on “Blake Street Vault

  1. I need to go back to the Blake Street Vault again soon. I went there once after they first opened, great atmosphere!

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