Don Cheadle in Colorado

I know this seems like a random post in a blog dedicated to all things Colorado but I promise there is a connection.  My husband and I were shopping at Tamarac Whole Foods Market in Denver.  We were in the meatless meat section trying to decide what meatless meat crumbles to buy for tacos.  My husband whispered, “look to your left.”  I looked over and I looked right at Don Cheadle.  I said, “hello,” and he said, “hello.”  We then ended up in the same checkout line as Don Cheadle (okay it was on purpose).  He was very nice and I just couldn’t believe Don Cheadle was casually shopping at Whole Foods.  Come to find out Don Cheadle attended and graduated from East High School in Denver.  This is another reason why we LOVE LIVING IN COLORADO!

Don Cheadle attended East High School in Denver

By the way, my personal favorite movies by Don CheadleIron Man 2, Brooklyn’s Finest, and The Guard.


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