Colorado Breweries

Colorado is home to over 120 established craft brewers as well as the Great American Beer Festival (  Good news if you enjoy drinking beer!

I personally enjoy wheat beers or stouts.  I know this sounds strange because they are on completely different ends of the spectrum taste wise.  I can enjoy the Dry Dock Vanilla Porter and use the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde as a chaser.  By the way, I have posted about Dry Dock Brewing Company before ( and words can’t describe how yummy I find the Dry Dock Apricot Blonde.  We try to support the local breweries by using our handy Beer Drinkers Guide to Colorado map (

I have posted about New Belgium, Odell, Upslope, Dry Dock, and Renegade.

We have also been to:

Avery Brewing Company located in Boulder–

IMG_20131228_210548_resizedTwisted Pine Brewing located in Boulder Sun Pub & Brewery located in Boulder

Breckenridge Brewery located in Denver


Colorado has a wide variety of breweries that are sure to please every palette.  In fact the Colorado Brewers Guild has a list of the 21 best things about the Colorado craft beer industry–



9 thoughts on “Colorado Breweries

      • Ya, I haven’t gone to Dry Dock yet (need to asap!). I like IPAs a lot so I really like their Double IPA. I will try their Apricot Blonde though! Hopefully it isn’t too fruity because that is where I tend to not like beers.

  1. If you are headed down to Dry Dock don’t miss Elk Mountain in Parker and Lone Tree by Park Meadows. We’ve go a whole page dedicated to the breweries in Southeast Denver under Flatland Breweries.

    • Thank you. I love reading your blog and your wonderful recommendations. It sounds like you all have a great time. We still have so many breweries to try. When we lived in Oregon we wanted to take a brewery road trip and never got the chance. We are hoping to be able to do it here. I will always keep your blog handy for places to check out. Have a great weekend.

      • You too. We’re headed back to Crazy Mountain in Edwards, Bonfire in Eagle and Rifle Brewing in Rifle this weekend. I’ve been to Crazy Mountain and Bonfire before (several times) they’re must visits, but this will be the first time to Rifle, one of 5 in the state we haven’t tried yet!

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