Cupcakes in Colorado

I need your help finding a cupcake in Colorado!  I am asking for your help in the quest for the perfect cupcake in ColoradoWhere would you suggest I try a cupcake in Colorado?

I have been waiting to post about cupcakes.  I love cupcakes because generally they are small and I don’t feel as guilty eating them.  I am on the hunt for cupcakes in Colorado.  I have tried a handful of places here in the Mile High City. My cupcake criteria is very specific:  great tasting moist cake, regular size (no jumbo Costco size cupcakes or mini cupcakes (what’s the point?)), frosting not too heavy and not too much, I don’t like it piled so high that you end up thinking, “Would you like some cake with that frosting?”  One more thing on my cupcake criteria wishlist–the business must be Colorado specific–no chains.

I do like Big Fat CupcakeBig Fat Cupcakes is in the neighborhood and they are a Colorado based business.  But, I am very specific when buying at Big Fat Cupcake.  I usually buy Big Fat Cupcakes for birthdays and other special occasions and when we have visitors because I can cut them into fours and share.  Here are a few cupcake examples from Big Fat Cupcake that I like:

Both cupcakes are from Big Fat Cupcake.  I have tried both of these flavors.  The cake is really moist and yummy and the frosting is not over the top.  The chocolate cupcake is called Hostess and it has vanilla pastry cream inside.  The cupcake on the right is the coconut cupcake and I love coconut in cake.


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