Cheesman Park

Walter Scott Cheesman Pavilion

I headed to Cheesman Park the other day to take the pictures featured in this post.  As you can see in the pictures it looked like it was going to rain, but it did not.  Cheesman Park like Washington Park ( has wonderful views of the Rockies.  I like Cheesman Park because of its simplicity, wide open space (80.7 acres), the view of the apartments that serve as a backdrop to the park, and the gorgeous pavilion.  Cheesman Park is located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.  If you are in Denver, Cheesman Park is a nice place to take a walk, jog, hang out in the sun, stroll with your dog, meditate, or whatever suits you.

Wide open space at the park

Rocky Mountain view from the park

Rocky Mountain view

I am fascinated by Cheesman Park because it is said to be haunted.  In the 19th century Cheesman Park was a cemetery.  Usually I am not a fan of anything haunted but I have become fascinated with Denver history and a lot of times this history has a “haunting” past. Would I walk around Cheesman Park late at night?  No.  Haunted or not I wouldn’t walk around any park late at night.  Please see my Blake Street Vault post for more of Denver‘s haunted past–(  I found a website that thoroughly explains the Cheesman Park history–

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For more Cheesman Park information please visit: or


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