LoHi Steakbar in Denver, Colorado

I made a list of 10 restaurants that we wanted to try–https://lovelivingincolorado.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/eating-our-way-through-denver/  .  These restaurants were either recommended to us by friends, people we just met, or I found them in The Denver Magazine 5280http://www.5280.com/magazine/2011/10/25-best-restaurants?page=0,0

On the list–LoHi Steakbar located at 3200 Tejon, Denver, CO 80211


The LoHi Steakbar website states that the restaurant is a contemporary, upscale neighborhood bar with great food and fresh drinks, LoHi SteakBar just might make you want to move to North Denver… or at least frequently visit.

We made it in time to enjoy Happy Hour prices on a huge frosty chalice full of Bud Light for $2.00.  I know this sounds like I am turning my back on all the wonderful craft beers here in Colorado but fear not I just like the $2.00 price tag.  We ordered 3 items to share off of the menu (I always seem to take the pictures after we have started eating):

$8.00 Blue Cheese Fondue served with warm potato chips

$12.00 Blue Ribbon Salt and Pepper Shrimp fried crispy in the shell with marinated cucumbers–this dish had 4 shrimp but we had already eaten two by the time the picture was taken 🙂

$12.00 House Ground Chuck Hamburger called the Blue Smoke with onions, bacon, and blue and served with crispy frites –in my defense the other half is not eaten but on a small plate because we shared this burger 🙂

LoHi Steakbar has good food and a fun atmosphere.  I especially love the quaint neighborhood feel that surrounds LoHi Steakbar.

Hours of operation:  http://www.lohisteakbar.com/about-2


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