Waffle Brothers Denver, Colorado


We finally made it to Waffle Brothers this weekend.  We actually were recommended Waffle Brothers by a nice couple we met while in Fort Collins sampling beer.  This weekend was perfect for eating waffles.  It was rainy and overcast on Saturday and waffles seem so comforting when it is blah outside.  Waffle Brothers is located on 393 Corona Street, Denver, Colorado 80218, phone #-303-733-1212.

This is what we ordered:

Traditional Waffle: Lighter, crispier and not as sweet as our Original Waffle.
(special recipe without nib sugar)

The Traditional Waffle is best served with syrup and
butter, just like Grandma makes!

Original Waffle: A sweet treat with fresh cut strawberries and cinnamon and sugar.

The waffles were delicious.  They are just the right size.  To be honest, we shared the two pictured above but I could have easily eaten another one. 🙂

What makes a Waffle Brothers waffle so good?  As stated on the menu:

The Waffle Brothers Waffle is a wonderful tasting sugar
waffle with a couple of unique characteristics. The dough
itself is not sweet but rather was created to hold
moisture and blend itself perfectly with a special nib
sugar imported from Belgium.
When the dough with nib sugar is placed on the
Waffle Brothers irons, a special process occurs. Some of the
nib sugar melts in the waffle adding to the texture, some
caramelizes on the outside and some stays in whole form remaining slightly crunchy.
This gives the customer several sensations when biting into a Waffle Brothers waffle.

Some wonderful reasons to try Waffle Brothers:

  • Waffle Brothers has gluten free waffles–made with a unique blend of
    gluten free flours and less nib sugar than the Original
    waffle. A tasty treat!
  • All waffles are zero trans fat!
  • They have a Boulder location:
    1326 College St.
    Boulder, Colorado 80302

  • Waffle Brothers is a Colorado based business.


8 thoughts on “Waffle Brothers Denver, Colorado

  1. We are transplants as well. We moved to Loveland in September 2011. We are never going back to the lack of sunshine state of Illinois. We lived for several years in the City of Chicago. We love it that you have done our leg work and found great restaurants and interesting things to do. Duffy rolls was an accidental find in March after a run in Washington Park. We have taken all of our visitors there. This waffle place sounds great. Thanks for the great work. –Beth

  2. Oh my gosh! You have found one of my absolute favorite local places! I get waffles to go here for various parties and they are always a huge hit, especially on a cold night with New Belgium’s 1554! These are the closest waffles I have ever found state side to compete with the true waffles of Belgium! Oh Yummy, I think I know where I am stopping by on the way home from work!

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