Root Down Denver, Colorado

When I first started blogging on February 28, 2012 Root Down was my second post.

This restaurant is so delicious that I have to post about it again.  This time I have pictures to entice you!

We celebrated our wedding anniversary once again at Root Down.  We decided to enjoy Happy Hour (4:30-7:00 Monday-Friday).

The Roots of Flavor on the Root Down website (  

Root Down aims to connect the
neighborhood to a dining experience in the
same way ingredients are connected to food. There should be a seamless bond between the elements and experience, which stimulates the
senses and draws people in.

We started off with a $5.00 Mojito (rum, lime, sugar, soda) on the left and $5.00 Lavender Lemonade (vodka, lavender, lemon, cranberry) on the right.  **Once again I started drinking the Lavender Lemonade before taking the picture.

We moved on to order EATS.  We ordered Steamed PEI Mussels (Thai red curry, Israeli cous-cous, cilantro, and grilled bread) $7.00.

Edamame Hummus with wonton chips for $4.00.  I absolutely love this hummus.  It is so good and the wonton chips as the dipping accompaniment is brilliant!

Veggie Burger Slider with jalapeno jam, sprout salad, and Dijon for $4.00.

Colorado Lamb Slider with Harissa aioli, Irish cheddar, arugula and garlic mint yogurt for $5.00.

Pizzetta with sun-dried tomato pesto, crispy prosciutto, Gouda, and pineapple salsa for $6.00.

Everything at Root Down was scrumptious.  We wrapped up our anniversary Happy Hour meal with two drinks:

The drink on the left is a Tequila Daisy (Blanco tequila, pomegranate syrup, and lemon) along with another Lavender Lemonade both are $5.00 each.

If you haven’t been to Root Down I highly recommend a visit.  Super good!  Also, they have patio seating with a fantastic view of the Denver skyline.

Root Down is located at 1600 W. 33rd Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80211.


12 thoughts on “Root Down Denver, Colorado

  1. Another great place to try. Thanks so much for blogging. You started your blog on my birthday so everything you write has got to be great. I will bring my camera also. In my life I always have taken lots of pictures. Living here has quadrupled the amount of pictures I take. Beth

    • Thank you for the wonderful comment. Happy Belated Birthday! The 28th of February must be a lucky day for the both of us:) I know what you mean by picture taking in Colorado…I have to have my camera with me at all times!

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