Little Man Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado

The weather is warming up and it is definitely ice-cream season.  Yes, I said it ice-cream season.  Fall, winter, spring, ice-cream, summer–the 5 seasons :).  In celebration of ice-cream season we headed to Little Man Ice Cream tonight.  We have been before but I forgot to take pictures and by the time I remembered I had devoured my ice-cream.  Tonight I made sure to take pictures.

Little Man Ice Cream is a Colorado based business.

Little Man Ice Cream is located in one of my favorite Denver neighborhoods, Highlands.

2620 16th St. Denver, CO 80211

I love Little Man Ice Cream’s philosophy:  All business exists to make a difference. At Little Man, we endeavor to make a difference in our community, to our employees, and in the broader global community.

I ordered Toasted Coconut and Key Lime Pie.

My husband ordered Mocha Chip.

If you are craving ice-cream I definitely recommend a trip to Little Man Ice Cream.  Wonderful ice-cream with a cool vintage feel.

Two other Colorado based ice-cream businesses that I recommend are:

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream Shop (
799 S. University Blvd. Denver, Colorado 80209

Liks Ice Cream (

Two locations–Denver & Centennial


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