Mat Kearney in Fort Collins

We went to the Taste of Fort Collins ( on Sunday.

If you haven’t been I highly recommend going next year.  I found discount tickets for the event through Living Social.  I am a big Mat Kearney fan and he was the music headliner on Sunday.  Our tickets through Living Social ended up costing $15.00 each.  I don’t know many concerts that cost only $15.00.  Mat Kearney was fantastic!  His lovely voice was just as impressive at the Taste of Fort Collins as it is on the radio or on a CD.  Mat Kearney got the audience involved and at one point he even ran through the crowd.  The pictures below are of Mat Kearney at the Taste of Fort Collins.  (Please excuse the grainy quality of the pictures I was using my phone to take the pictures).

Mat Kearney running through the crowd!

The crowd at the Taste of Fort Collins watching Mat Kearney.

We did eat at the Taste of Fort Collins.  We had a great tasting gyro, some oysters, and a spicy chicken sausage sandwich.  But the real reason we attended was to see Mat Kearney

If you are a Mat Kearney fan he will be back in Colorado at the Red Rocks Amphitheater on September 19, 2012.

**The High Park Fire was visible from I-25 on the way to Fort Collins.  These pictures are of the sky above a Taste of Fort Collins.  By the time we left Fort Collins the smell of smoke was pretty intense.  A prayer to those fighting the blazes.  Also a prayer to those affected by this fire.


14 thoughts on “Mat Kearney in Fort Collins

  1. It’s so sad about the fire! It’s so close to fort collins and all the places I used to hike when I lived up there! I hope they get it at least a little contained today! Awesome you got to see Mat Kearney! I miss fort collins a lot! One year, I was a beer pourer at the taste of fort collins! It was a blast!

    • The fire looked scary. Plus it is super close to Fort Collins. I just hope no one gets hurt, people as well as animals, and that they get it contained soon. We need a good rainstorm to drench that part of Colorado. On a happier note Mat Kearney was awesome. It must have been a blast working at the Taste of Fort Collins…especially pouring beer 🙂

  2. I had a great time in Ft. Collins last Friday while my husband and I were visiting a friend! I’m so glad the fire is starting to be contained–wildfires are devastating!

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