Bonnie Brae Ice Cream in Denver, Colorado

I apologize for the lapse in posts.  We have been thrown a couple of “life”curve balls this past week and my blogging life had to take a backseat.  Now that things are running much smoother I thought I would blog about ice creamIce cream makes me happy.  Denver has been so hot lately and ice cream just seems to hit the spot.  Tonight we headed to Bonnie Brae Ice Cream at 799 S. University Blvd. Denver, Colorado 80209.

Bonnie Brae Ice Cream is a Colorado based business.

They make all of their ice cream in house.  It is really good ice cream.  The ice cream has excellent consistency, tastes smooth and creamy, and there is a wide range of flavors to please any palate.  I can’t lie.  Tonight I didn’t bring my phone so I couldn’t take pictures.  There was no way I was going to wait until I got home to eat my Lemon Custard and Caramel Custard combination.  Sorry!  It was so good.  My husband ordered Pineapple Sherbert and he said it was very refreshing especially on a toasty Denver evening.

If you are looking for a great retro ice cream parlor (are they still called a parlor?) then please stop by Bonnie Brae sometime this summer.  They get crowded but they are open late:  Sunday–Thursday until 10:30 pm and Friday–Saturday until 11:00 pm.  Also they have great dog treats in the freezer section (2 dog bones with vanilla ice cream inside).

By the way, these cones are so delicious that I can eat them without ice cream!

From the Bonnie Brae Ice Cream website (

Ice-Cream Maker Extraordinaire/Co-Owner
About Judy: “My family used to make ice cream for special occasions. I’ve got childhood memories of picnics and family functions. We always made homemade ice cream, so I chose to develop this love. It’s such a fun business. When we opened the store, I was involved in all aspects of the store, but basically I focused in on production.
It is so much fun for me—the customer interaction, the process—everything! I love the fact that there are four owners.”

What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?  Check out Bonnie Brae’s flavor menu and see if they offer the flavor that would please your palate–


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