Black Hawk, Colorado

Black Hawk, Colorado is home to some 18 casinos and is the largest gambling town in Colorado.  We headed to the Ameristar Casino Resort Spa this weekend to get some relief from the hot temperatures in Denver.

The drive to Black Hawk is really pretty.  The casinos in Black Hawk seem to appear out of nowhere as you drive through beautiful Colorado terrain.

We did a little penny slot gambling but we really went to indulge in the Centennial Buffet

The Centennial Buffet offered crab legs on Saturday night for $21.99.  Because this was a buffet it was ALL YOU CAN EAT CRAB LEGS!  To be honest, this was not our first trip to Centennial Buffet.  We actually have been to the buffet every Thanksgiving since we have lived in Colorado.  I am not a huge buffet fan but I do make an exception for Centennial Buffet because it is always clean.

Of course there’s a plethora of choices at the buffet.  I tend to graze at a buffet.  A little bit of this and little bit of that.  However, these were not all my plates of food.  I promise!  I took pictures of everyone’s food at our table.

Black Hawk is not only for gambling.  The drive to Black Hawk is beautiful and there are restaurants galore.  Black Hawk is a historic mining settlement founded in 1859 and is one of Colorado’s oldest cities.  For more Black Hawk, Colorado information please visit:


4 thoughts on “Black Hawk, Colorado

  1. Much has changed in Black Hawk since we lived in Colorado. When the casinos were first built the former residents were nonplussed with the upheaval of their lives. Now there are busses to take the gamblers and tourists from one venue to another.

    Glad you enjoyed yourself.


    • The drive to Black Hawk is very enjoyable. Being from Northern California we have dealt with our share of casinos popping up around our town. Honestly, we just go for the buffet. I hope that the casinos generate enough revenue for the towns and state to offset the upheaval they experienced.

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