Guanella Pass, Scenic Drive in Colorado

I have posted about Guanella Pass on a couple of occasions.

However, this is the first time we have made it to the top of Guanella Pass.  The last time we took this gorgeous scenic drive there was still a lot of snow on the road way and we were not permitted to go to the top.  I recommend taking this drive in the summer.  We have had record breaking heat in Colorado and this allowed for the snow to melt.  Plus, because it was so hot in Denver the temperature drop (57 degrees was the temperature at the top of Guanella Pass and Denver was experiencing triple digit heat) was absolutely heavenly and refreshing!  Once we were at the top of Guanella Pass we were at an elevation of 11,669 feet.  The scenery in the Rocky Mountains never gets tiresome.  The air is so crisp and clean.  We even had the added bonus of seeing a moose basking in a water source off in the distance.  I tried to zoom in as best as I could to capture this moose frolicking in the water.  It was an amazing view to experience.  The moose seemed so happy and content.

There are lots of benefits in taking scenic drives.

1.  Scenic drives are relatively inexpensive.  Depending on how far you drive gas is really the main expense.

2.  Packing food to bring along on the drive helps to cut down on expenses plus you can have a picnic and enjoy the outdoors.

3.  In Colorado the higher the elevation the cooler the temperatures.

4.  You never know what you are going to see.  We saw a moose basking in a pool of water!

5.  I feel like there is hidden beauty throughout this glorious state.  I want to experience this beauty first hand and scenic drives allow me to relish in all that makes Colorado colorful!

Do you have a favorite scenic drive (it doesn’t have to be in Colorado)?  When we lived in Portland, Oregon and Northern California we experienced some great scenic drives along the Pacific Ocean.


7 thoughts on “Guanella Pass, Scenic Drive in Colorado

  1. Great post. We love to drive in the mountains! Interestingly, we were just on the top of Guanella Pass on July 4th but did not see any moose. (Although there was a lot of smoke that day from the fires in Laramie WY so visibility wasn’t actually all that great. Nice photos too!

    • Thank you, I just wish I could have zoomed in on the moose a little clearer. July 4th in Denver was really smokey too. The day we went to Guanella Pass was overcast but refreshing. Plus, hardly anyone was up there so it felt like we had the whole Pass to ourselves. Nothing beats a drive through the mountains!

  2. Great post for sure! That’s probably one of my most favorite things to do in CO, is just drive. It’s so simple, but full of beauty. Especially cruising the curvy road in my manual car…so fun! I don’t know if I have a favorite. I love GLenwood canyon, and Golden Gate Canyon because it’s really close to denver so it doesn’t take long to get the feel of CO mountain driving!

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