Mt. Evans, Scenic Drive in Colorado

It was another hot day in  Denver, Colorado on July 14, 2012.  The temperature gauge in our car registered temperatures ranging from 98 degrees to 101 degrees.  We decided that a hot day in Denver is a perfect time to take a drive so that we could get some relief from the heat.  I posted about scenic drives in Colorado on April 2, 2012–  We decided to take the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway drive.  From Denver, we took I-70 going west and took the exit for Mt. Evans.  We didn’t need a map because the signs for the drive are clearly marked.  The drive is absolutely beautiful and we immediately saw the temperature gauge in the car start to drop.

I had no idea that the drive up to Mt. Evans is North America’s highest auto road.  Right after this sign is the National Forest booth.  There is a fee of $10.00 (unless you have an America the Beautiful National Park Pass to drive up to the top of Mt. Evans.  This drive literally makes you feel like you are driving up to Heaven.  We felt like we were on top of the world.  It was amazing.  I took so many pictures but it was so hard to capture what I was seeing through the lens of my camera.This is a picture of Denver.  I couldn’t believe we could see Denver from the Mt. Evans scenic drive.  My camera had a hard time zooming in on the city.This is a marmot.  This furry creature almost acted like the ambassador for Mt. Evans.  We saw lots of marmots but they move fast so you definitely have to have your camera ready.The view is spectacular.  You can see for miles and miles.  Being this high makes the Rocky Mountains look small :).Lots of wildlife.  This picture was taken right outside the car.  I guess we can say we have officially been to the top a fourteener!

According to the sign the picture below is the actual top of Mt. Evans.

Castle in the Sky–The Crest HouseA view of the Mt. Evans Scenic Byway road.

By far one of the highlights of the drive…the temperature gauge in the car at the top of Mt. Evans registered 46 degrees!  Granted we had to reach an elevation of 14,130 feet to get relief from the heat but it was worth it!


14 thoughts on “Mt. Evans, Scenic Drive in Colorado

  1. love mount evans! it was one of the first things I did after moving to Denver a year ago- when you climb the rocks that are by the top parking area you can look down at echo lake below and it is one of my favorite views thus far!

  2. Great photos & commentary of your drive! We drove it back in August, 1982—& the weather/temp was much the same: We had heavy flurries on the way back down! It was the narrowest paved mountain road we’ve ever been on, & it was such a thrill! Thank you for sharing your recent drive here—it brought back memories (“where are those photos?”)

    • I am so glad you enjoyed the post. If it was any colder on the peak I am sure we would have seen flurries too. The road is a little on the sketchy side. Thank goodness there wasn’t too much traffic the day we went.

  3. Nice post! We were fortunate in that the temperature was in the 60s and sunny when we made our trip. We were unfortunate to not see any wildlife. There was a tornado the day before, which might have scared them away. Mt Evans is a beautiful peak and it’s great that they have a road that travels so high.

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