Buffalo Herd Overlook in Colorado

When we were recently driving on I-70 west from Denver we took exit 254 Genesee Park to see bison!  Exit 254 specifically says Buffalo Herd Overlook and the bison are right off the exit.  As you can see from the pictures they were just relaxing.  It was a warm day so I think that relaxing was the only option.  We saw baby buffalo (calves).  It was a great place to see wildlife.  Next time you are driving on I-70 be sure to stop and see the bison.  I found a couple of great websites that elaborate on Buffalo Herd Overlook off of I-70.



Are the words buffalo and bison interchangeable?  The exit said Buffalo Herd Overlook but I have referred to buffalo as bison after seeing them in the Grand Teton National Park.  What are your thoughts?


8 thoughts on “Buffalo Herd Overlook in Colorado

  1. Great photos! We’ve always wanted to stop there but never got the chance. We’ll have to do that soon. According to Wikipedia, the proper name for these animals is bison since they are only remotely related to the other species of buffalo which are in Asia and Africa. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_bison
    (Not that I’m a biologist by any means). Hope it’s helpful. Thanks for the great post!

  2. Great post. Did you see that strange syfy looking house perched atop the mountain while driving to Gennessee Park?

    Looks like you guys found a way to enjoy a hot day outdoors.


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    We are stepping outside the realm of social media with this post because we loved this blog post from love living in Colorado! Great post!

  4. We stopped by the overlook this past weekend and there were 9 brand new baby bison. They were less than 24 hours old. They were really wobbly when they tried to stand up and some even had visible remnants of the umbilical cord hanging.

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