Networking Your Blog

I know that “networking your blog” must seem like a  random post in the midst of a blog about love living in Colorado but, I think it is important.  I have been blogging about wonderful Colorado since February 28, 2012.  To be honest, I had never blogged before.  My mission for the lovelivingincolorado blog is still the same.  I want to share all of the wonderful things to see, do, and eat in Denver and all around the state of Colorado.  I want my blog to be positive.  With this being said I have tried to figure out how to get more blog traffic.  To date I have 247 wonderful followers of lovelivingincolorado and as I am typing I have 13, 340 all-time views.  But, how do I get more blog traffic?  This is what I have done so far to increase lovelivingincolorado traffic:

1.  I set up a lovelivingincolorado facebook page:

2.  I am on Twitter

3.  My dear friend graciously ( made me calling cards for lovelivingincolorado.4.  I pass out my calling cards while out and about.

5.  I reply to comments left on my blog.

6.  I ask questions on my blog to initiate conversation.

7.  I highlight key words and make sure I have links in my posts.

8.  After I have blogged about a business or restaurant I contact them immediately to let them know I posted about their establishment on lovelivingincolorado.  For example, my post about d bar Desserts in Denver was my busiest post generating 372 views in one day.  I was so excited.  d bar Desserts featured me on their facebook page after I contacted them about my blog.9.  I try to blog Monday-Friday.  I read that posting often is a good way to generate blog traffic.  This has been a little bit difficult this month because we have had a full house with family and friends but I am going to get back into the swing of things.

10.  Finally, I try to like and comment on other blogs.  This is a little tricky.  I want to like and follow blogs that interest me and entice me to comment.  I don’t want to just like to like or follow to get followed (does that make sense?).

In my inbox this morning I found this great post by Bucket List Publications .  It is a wonderful post that will keep you motivated to generate more blog traffic.

I would love to hear your recommendations on how to generate more blog traffic.  Please let me know what you do to entice readers.  I appreciate any and all feedback.  Have a great Wednesday!



11 thoughts on “Networking Your Blog

  1. I agree! The only thing I have found is when following 140 or more bloggers, I can’t follow those that blog every day. I can’t keep up. So I only blog 2-3 times a week and have found that to be a great number and am lucky to have many followers!
    Great post!

    • That is a good tip. Since WordPress changed the format of finding other blogs it is hard for me to keep up with other people’s blogs. Before I used to get e-mails that informed me someone posted on their blog…those were handy reminders now I have to go into my reader.

  2. I find myself reading other’s blogs all at once, then not for a few days, then all at once again. I agree, the change to the reader is harder than I thought…I think you are doing a great job, you have many more followers than mine and your blog is interesting and relevant to our state! I enjoy checking yours out, I’ve gone to several restaurants because of it. I think your idea about contacting the establishment you’ve written about is a great idea!

    • Thank you so much for the support. I love to write about Colorado. I am glad that the restaurant posts are enticing. I only post about positive experiences at restaurants. I was hoping that someone would see my blog and that I could possibly make this my job–writing about Colorado! Wouldn’t that be nice:)

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