The View at the Top of Pikes Peak

The drive up to Pikes Peak encompasses so much beauty and awe inspiring views that I had to break up the posts into several different topics.  This post is dedicated to the view at the top of Pikes Peak.  I can’t even begin to describe how gorgeous and breathless (literally) the view leaves you.  I joked with my husband and said that we are so close to the sky that I can actually see flight attendants serving drinks in the airplanes above!  This is the second 14er that we have had the opportunity to experience.  Granted we didn’t hike the 14ers but we still made it to the top (in a car).  I recommend a drive up to Pikes Peak immediately.  You can experience all of Colorado‘s glory in one drive.  Weather changes, varying landscape, the Rocky Mountains, and of course cooler temperatures.  For more information on Pikes Peak please visit–

I like the picture above because you can really see the treeline.  I never knew what a treeline was until we moved here.  A treeline can be roughly defined as the “elevation where tree density declines or drops to zero.”

In this picture (above) you can see lots of green.  In the picture below all rocks!I can’t lie, on this particular trip I was feeling a little breathless and anxious.  I do have to admit that I drank a little too much coffee on the way to Pikes Peak and we didn’t eat.  Thank goodness they have a little cafe at the top.  Next time we will have to come better prepared.  I usually pack food but didn’t this time.  Note to self:  pack food and water whenever we take a drive.


12 thoughts on “The View at the Top of Pikes Peak

  1. Those views are amazing! Hey, check out my blog today….you’ve been nominated! Oh, and in a few postings I’ll accept the nomination from you. Computer problems and life, what can I say about the delay…lol

  2. When I first moved to Colorado some friends came to visit and I had a list of thinsg I wanted to see and do and I took them to Pikes Peak. We did the train and ate the donuts. This was so fun. I keep wanting to go back in the summer to see all the beautiful flowers… but I havent had a chance yet! Great pictures!

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