Take Back the Movies in Colorado

On August 11, 2012 I went to see the movie Hope Springs with a couple of friends.  On our way to the movie theater the July 20, 2012 shootings in Aurora crossed my mind.  I felt a little bit of anxiety.  When we got to the theater there was a group of people standing outside with black shirts on and these words, “take back the movies.”  A lady approached us and gave us 3 movie tickets for free.  She explained that the group of people outside were there on behalf of the victims and the people that were affected by the July 20th shootings in Aurora.  Along with the tickets she gave us a piece of paper that stated this:

We’re spreading some light in the dark!  On July 20, one man crept into a darkened movie theater in Aurora and turned a night of fun into something terrible.  He took something from our community, so tonight we’re giving it back.  We want to give you the gift of a night at the movies.  This isn’t a fundraiser, it isn’t a protest.  It’s your community’s gift to you.  Go, enjoy, and after the movie, go spread some light in return.

We were awestruck by the generosity and also emotional.  As we walked into the theater and sat down and watched the previews I tried to put myself in the shoes of the patrons that night in Aurora.  I couldn’t.  I ended up scaring myself a little and getting a bit of anxiety.  I can’t imagine sitting in the theater eating popcorn, watching the big movie screen, and waiting with anticipation for the movie to start only to have life cut short in minutes of horror.  This post is dedicated to everyone that was at the theater the night of the July 20th shootings.  This post is also dedicated to the folks who are volunteering their time with “take back the movies.”  Here is a quote from the “take back the moviesblog:

On August 11, we’re taking Denver to the movies. We’re going to go to as many theaters as we can and pay for everyone’s movie tickets.  Our message is simple: “Tonight, the movie’s on us. Go, enjoy. This isn’t a fundraiser, it’s not a memorial service. Some jerk tried to steal a night of fun from all of us. Tonight, we’re giving it back.”

I believe in paying it forward and this is exactly what this group is doing.  Bravo!  This is why Colorado is a great place to live!

Please visit the Take Back the Movies bloghttp://takebackthemovies.blogspot.com/


14 thoughts on “Take Back the Movies in Colorado

    • Thank you so much for all the positive feedback. Sorry I am so slow to fill out the award and respond to comments. I started a new job last week and got a little sidetracked with my blog. 🙂 Hope you are having a great weekend!

  1. Wow. That would have been something to witness. My girlfriend from high school actually lives in Aurora. Off-topic, My husband and I went to see the movie on the 9th! It was so good, funny, and sad – all at the same time. I think that all three of the actors should receive awards for their roles.

  2. Thank you for sharing. I posted on my FB page for others to see. Nice to hear a great story after so much ugliness. 🙂


  3. Wow, amazing. Such a great idea…something that many people find as a fun event was turned evil one night but I like the slogan, “take back the movies.” Thanks for sharing 🙂

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