Pho on 6th in Denver, Colorado

I learned the hard way that Pho is pronounced Fu.  Like saying the F word but eliminating the ck.  We went to Pho on 6th not once but twice because it is super good and pretty inexpensive.  A bowl of traditional Pho is $8.00.  Not bad.  And the Pho is super filling.  If I get sick this winter I want my husband to bring home some Pho (traditional with shredded chicken…hint…..hint) ;).I just love it!  Please refer to handy dandy Wikipedia for the Pho definition. These are the decadent extras that you add to your Pho.  Be careful!  The jalapenos have a kick!My husband always orders meat!  Why?  I keep him vegetarian as much as I can at home.  When we eat out he has freedom :).  He takes advantage of this freedom by ordering meat combinations.  This traditional Pho meat combination was only $8.00 too!I highly recommend a trip to Pho on 6th.  Wonderful fulfilling food for a great price.  If you go to Pho on 6th please tell me what you think.

Pho on 6

1312 East 6th Avenue  Denver, CO 80218

Thank you to my dear friend B.L.P.  Love the Chrome and even used it to post on my blog!

9 thoughts on “Pho on 6th in Denver, Colorado

  1. Love pho. never been to that one, but I’m definitely going to try it!!!! Also, have you reviewed Linger yet (in the highlands)??? I just went there for the first time, and loved it! I felt super classy, but I think it would be a good one to review for you!

      • oooh, what’st Root Down?? I’m always looking for places to make the guy take me on dates!! lol And I LOVE 5280 week, I’ve gotten to eat pretty fancy/classy places with not much money

      • I know what you mean about 5280. I feel fancy during Restaurant Week. Root Down is a “sister” restaurant to Linger. I have posted about Root Down a couple of times. We usually go for birthdays, anniversaries, and so on. However, we made it to their Happy Hour and it was fantastic. I love the Root Down menu. Hands down one of our favorite restaurants. Definitely, a date night. Get the guy to take you there on a date, you will both love it…:)

  2. I have been craving Pho all week! I’m so glad to hear there’s a place with good Pho in Denver. I wasn’t sure how I’d survive when we get there!

    Pho Addict.

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