The Lumineers

Have you heard of The Lumineers?  They are a Denver based band.  I actually had heard their song, Ho Hey and didn’t realize who they were until I was reading RETAILHELLINDENVER and this fellow blogger educated me on The Lumineers.  I love to support local music.  I am just a little on the slow side when it comes to identifying artists.  Usually I have to You Tube song lyrics to find out the name of a song that I want to download on iTunes.  I know, pitiful.  But, I do know a great band when I hear them.  I have downloaded Ho Hey, Flowers in Your Hair, and  Stubborn Love.  I love the music because I can imagine myself dancing when I am driving, I can sing the lyrics fairly clear, and also because the beat is one that brings happiness to my spirit even after a long day at work.  I picture myself with flowers in my hair, in Aspen, dancing around aimlessly to The Lumineers.  I hope you enjoy them too.


6 thoughts on “The Lumineers

  1. hey thanks for the little shout out on your blog! I have been out of town and haven’t been in blogging range really so I just now was able to read this. I love this band, getting their whole album is completely worth it…

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