ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro in Denver, Colorado


Back in March I posted about restaurants in the Denver area that we were interested in trying–  Out of the 10 restaurants I listed, we have tried 4.  We really need to get busy finishing up this list of delectable cuisines so that I can post about the next 10 that we are going to relish in.  My husband recently surprised me on my birthday with a trip to ChoLon Modern Asian BistroChoLon was first on my list of restaurants to try and it is ranked 3rd on 5280’s  25 Best Restaurants listFor this post I am going to start with dessert.  Since it was my birthday I did splurge.  I couldn’t help it.  I ordered the Coconut Chiboust Cake, Mango, Passion Fruit Sorbet.  This dessert is absolutely wonderful!  The top is caramelized similar to a Creme Brulee, the inside is light and creamy, and the bottom has a very light sprinkle of toasted coconut shavings.  The sorbet accompaniment is perfect giving it a light tropical feel.  I could have eaten 4 of these desserts no problem.The dinner menu at ChoLon is set up with small bites, salads, plates, and from the wok.  We started with a few small bites.  But my favorite mouth-watering small bite was the Soup Dumplings, Sweet Onion, Gruyere.They only serve 4.  This is just mean!  I could have easily eaten a 1/2 dozen :).  My husband and I shared these.  To be honest, I didn’t want to share after I tasted one of these scrumptious delights.  They are piping hot, so you have to let them cool a bit before plopping them in your mouth.  Once you have placed the dumpling in your mouth, you give it a gentle bite, and a lava gush of Sweet Onion and Gruyere soup pour into your mouth.  It is absolutely wonderful!  How they get soup into a dumpling I will never know!

For our main plate we ordered the Black Pepper Short Rib, House Made Chow Fun, Chinese Broccoli.  I am not a big meat eater but oh my this was delicious!  The meat was cooked so well that when I put my fork into it, it fell apart.  The seasoning was delectable and long story short I couldn’t stop eating the short rib.  If we weren’t in public I probably would have licked the plate!Of course, I am going to highly recommend ChoLon.  Not only was the food fantastic but the service was out of this world.  Our server Dave, was personable and funny.  He made the dining experience at ChoLon even more fabulous.  This is what he brought out for my birthday:Yes, I ate two desserts!  I look at it this way, the sorbet was used to cleanse my palette!

ChoLon is located in downtown Denver.


1555 Blake Street, Suite 101

Denver, CO 80202

Below are the other pictures I took at ChoLon.  The pictures are of the Summer Rolls, Crab Salad, Sriracha Mayo, Chicken Wings, Blue-Cheese “Toga-Ranchie” (the blue-cheese was so good I could have eaten a gallon of it no problem), and (not pictured) Chicken Fried Rice, Poached Egg.One last thing before I end this post.  Most restaurants serve complimentary bread before a meal.  Not ChoLon!  Look at what they brought to our table.  Isn’t is gorgeous–a rice fan with a gorgeous dipping sauce.  Yum!  **Disclosure:  I am not paid for any of my restaurant reviews.  My blogging philosophy is simple:  I want to keep it positive.  I eat, I blog, and if I eat and don’t like it I just don’t blog about it!  Great service is very important too.  If the service is dumpy we will more than likely not go back to a restaurant nor will I blog about it.  If a restaurant makes it on my blog it was because we had a great culinary experience and the service was excellent.  Eating is personal, and this is my personal take on restaurants in Colorado.  I hope my opinions are helpful and enjoyable.


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