Enzo’s End Pizza, Denver, Colorado

Are you looking for a great place for pizza?  Of course you are!   Everybody loves pizza, right?  In our household we definitely enjoy a savory pizza now and again.  When we get the craving for pizza our only go to is Enzo’s End Pizzeria.  Seriously, the best pizza in Denver, hands down.  I won’t order from anywhere else.  I have tried and I have been sorely disappointed.  Enzo’s End Pizzeria is located at 3424 E. Colfax Ave. in Denver, Colorado.  Keep their number handy–303-355-4700.  We always call in our order and pick up the pizza.  They do have delivery and you can dine in their restaurant (we have never tried this option).  I like Enzo’s because it is clean!!  I am extremely picky about cleanliness and Enzo’s is clean!  Also, they have the best thin crust.  On their website they state that if you aren’t completely satisfied with your pizza they will make it right or refund your money.  They truly do stand by this promise.  I recommend a white pizza with spinach, feta, and Kalamata olives.  Please enjoy the mouth watering pictures of a large white pizza with spinach, feta, and Kalamata olives and don’t forget to order a delicious pizza from Enzo’s. The cheese, olives, spinach, and crust….oh my!


10 thoughts on “Enzo’s End Pizza, Denver, Colorado

  1. I absolutely agree, best East Coast style pizza in the city! We’re lucky enough to live within their delivery area and have been enjoying their deliciousness since they opened. They get everything right; crust, sauce, toppings, all top notch. The Wife grew up back East, and she says it reminds her of Jersey boardwalk pizza.

    Most of the staff are great too, they often deliver in half the time they tell you when you order. They also appreciate their loyal customers, the manager (owner?) stopped by the house about nine years ago with a bottle of wine to thank us for our patronage.

    The only pizza in town that compares is a different thing altogether: Marco’s Coal Fired Pizza. Marco’s is the best ‘artisanal’ in town, while Enzo’s is pure thin crust.

    • I didn’t realize the pizza was east coast style. I actually have never really visited that part of the east. I am originally from California and grew up on really thick crust pizza. I prefer the thin crust. Thanks for stopping by. Glad there are other Enzo fans!

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