Yolanda’s Tacos

It has been a while since my last post and I apologize.  Working has been exhausting but exhilarating.  Speaking of work, my wonderful company hosted a company holiday party catered by Yolanda’s Tacos.  I had never heard of Yolanda’s Tacos before but I knew it was pertinent that I attended.  This is where I first fell in love with Yolanda’s.  All it takes is shredded white meat chicken to make me fall head over heels!  I absolutely loved our catered holiday lunch.  This is when my husband informed me that Yolanda’s is right down the street from our office.  Did I mention I now work in the same office as my beloved husband?  We headed to Yolanda’s steadfast and this is what I ordered:

Smothered chicken burrito

IMG_20121227_190642This burrito is absolutely delicious.  I actually have it smothered in their Green Chile Salsa.  I tried to capture a picture of their wonderful shredded white meat chicken breast.

IMG_20121227_190429This is actually what the burrito looks like when it is served to you.

IMG_20121227_190459My husband ordered the Thursday Special which was “Chile Relleno.”  He said it was wonderful!

IMG_20121227_190559We did order Chips and Queso.  I couldn’t help it!  When I go to Yolanda’s I literally want 1 of everything on the menu.  Thank goodness this location is close to our work.  There are 3 locations in Colorado:  Castle Rock, Greenwood Village, and Denver.  Please dine at Yolanda’s I promise you won’t be disappointed!



12 thoughts on “Yolanda’s Tacos

  1. The next time I am in Denver it’s Yolanda’s for sure – can’t wait. Just when I think there isn’t another place to eat in Denver – Heather comes up with another place to eat. Bravo Heather.
    Happy New to lovelivingincolorado

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