Welcome to Colorful Colorado!

cropped-rsz_2dsc_0138.jpg“Welcome to Colorful Colorado,” the phrase that greets people at the state line.  This phrase is a welcoming  beacon after a long day of travel.  It greets visitors and residents in the same manner, with open arms and opportunity.  When you see those 4 words you know that you have arrived at your destination.  These words, almost as soothing as “I love you.”  Ok, I know that may be pushing it a little, but in reality if you are traveling and Colorado is your destination, sometimes it feels that way.  Depending on what direction you are traveling, that sign may be a sign of relief.  **Did you know–Colorado has 7 border states–Wyoming, Utah, Arizona (part of the infamous 4 Corners region), New Mexico, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Kansas.

We travel a lot around the United States and in all honesty, I am not being biased, the Colorado welcome sign is, well, the best.  It has pizazz!  Ok, I am biased.  I just love to see the welcome sign.  It means I am home.  This particular sign does represent home.  It is along the Colorado/Utah border on I-70.  It is my favorite picture.  I took it during our home search in Grand Junction.  Screenshot_2017-06-22-13-40-10-1-01

The sign, which is deep-rooted with Colorado residents, almost had a face-lift.  When I was trying to find some information or history in reference to the sign I read that there was talk years ago about changing the font.  But, Colorado folks were not having that!  I have also read that some feel the sign is monotone and drab.  I mean how can you have the word colorful in a drab wooden, two tone sign?  I think it is perspective.  What makes Colorado colorful?  Colorado is not only mountains.  Prairies, farmland, deserts, mesas, canyons, valleys, monuments, all adorn the Colorado landscape as well.  All of these different types of topographic treasures make Colorado colorful!  It just depends on your outlook.

(The welcome sign on the Colorado/Wyoming border) Screenshot_2017-06-22-13-53-01-1-01

I am still a self proclaimed tourist in my own state.  I am the one you will see on the side of the road (safely) snapping a picture of the “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign.  I find it to be somewhat of a treasure hunt to find all of the different signs welcoming folks to the great state of Colorado.  One sign in particular had me on a quest.  I first saw the sign on Instagram.  It truly was the only “Welcome to Colorful Colorado” sign that was, well, colorful.  I had to find it.  I was on a mission.  And I was bringing my husband and our pup along for the ride.  It took some time but I managed, thanks to the Instagram community, to pinpoint the location.  20170429_161848-01_resized

See!  It truly is colorful.  This sign is located on the Colorado(Hwy 90)/Utah(Hwy 46) border.  The nice thing about the location of this sign, it has a turnout for safely taking pictures.  Now, I should state that not all signs along the border welcoming folks into Colorado are exciting!  But they are worth mentioning.  One honorable mention is the Colorado state line sign in Dinosaur National Monument.  Not an exciting sign, but it is neat to know that while in the park you are traveling between two different states. 20170603_150921-01-01_resized

You might be thinking, how in the world can she devote a blog post to a welcome sign?  My response, it is a Colorado thing.  We even have signs to let you know when you are leaving…..Screenshot_2017-06-22-14-03-30-1-01

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Art on Fillmore Street in Denver, Colorado

This is my 100th post!  Thank you to everyone who has followed, stopped by, commented, liked, and supported lovelivingincolorado!  Here is to the next 100!

I have been inspired to post about all of the beautiful art that lays exposed but hidden (it is all in plain sight but I have walked by it a million times and never truly noticed it) throughout Cherry Creek North.  My inspiration came from this bloghttp://allisence.wordpress.com/2012/04/20/denver-art-around-town/

There is so much art ready to be recognized and appreciated all over this neighborhood and I never stop and “smell the roses.”  But tonight I did.  I will dedicate more than one post to the art around Cherry Creek North but this post will focus on Fillmore Street.

This lions sits in front of Chico’s (http://www.chicos.com/store/home.jsp)–women’s clothing and accessories.

There is detail work on the street lights.

This beautiful piece sits right outside of Starbucks (http://www.starbucks.com/)

I absolutely love the flowers scaling the ladder.  An associate of Prana (http://www.prana.com/denver) told me they actually hire an artist to do the woodwork and other features like this for the store.

This piece sits in front of West Southwest Galleryhttp://www.westsouthwest.com/index.asp

A little about me and picture taking.  I am by no means a photographer but I love to take pictures.  Everyday I learn something new about my camera (like how to take night and dusk pictures).  I have had my camera for 4 years and find the instruction booklet annoying!  So, I ask people for help or I just take a picture a zillion times–adjusting settings until what I like appears on my screen.  I own a Nikon D60 and it is the nicest camera I have ever owned.

Denver Botanic Gardens on Earth Day 2012

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We did it!  We went to the free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  Everybody and their mama was there but it was worth the trip.  In a previous post (https://lovelivingincolorado.wordpress.com/2012/03/07/denver-botanic-gardens/) I mentioned that we had only been to the Denver Botanic Gardens for the Blossoms of Light during Christmastime.  The Gardens are a must see.  I didn’t realize the enormity of the Gardens.  I am glad I wore tennis shoes.  

Yes tohttp://www.yestocarrots.com/ was at the event giving a boat load of samples.  I brought my camera and took the pictures featured in this post.  If you missed the Earth Day free day at the Denver Botanic Gardens there will be free days on:

Thursday, Jul. 26
Tuesday, Aug. 28
Monday, Oct. 1
Friday, Nov. 2