Summer Activities in Colorado

It is summertime in Colorado!  A beautiful season to explore Colorado’s endless bounty.  There are a plethora of activities to keep you busy for many weekends.  We have now lived here for almost 4 years and I have to say the pressure can be somewhat insurmountable to get out and go every weekend!  With that being said we try to be very strategic with our weekend planning.  The following recommendations are what we have actually experienced.  With that being said, make the most of your weekend and see some fabulous sites and take some breath takings pictures.  Have fun!  (By the way, the recommendations are in no particular order).

1.  Manitou Incline—So, I saw this glorious incline on Instagram.  I told my husband we must experience this immediately!  Well, we did and it was quite the up hill battle no pun intended.  Very strenuous.  However, worth every ounce of sweat and strain.  The views from the top are phenomenal.  According to

The Manitou Incline was built as a cable car to carry materials to build pipelines on Pikes Peak. After the pipelines were finished, it was turned into a tourist attraction.

After a rock slide damaged a section of track in 1990, the Manitou Incline was closed down and the rails removed. Some locals started hiking up the remaining ties for a tough workout even though it was illegal because of crossing private property. As of February 1st, 2013, it is legal to hike.

This is what Manitou Incline looked like before:

Photo_of_a_Manitou_Incline_Railway_box_car,_1908This is what Manitou Incline looks like now:

20130602_173826This incline is only 1 mile BUT climbs 2,00o vertical feet.  Please refer to before setting out to hike Manitou Incline.

2.  Any Alpine Slide or Gondola.  We are on a mission to ride as many gondolas and alpine slides at the ski resorts this summer.  During the summer the resorts reopen and offer summer activities.  A few of the activities that we like to partake in are the alpine slide and riding the gondolas.  Why?  The views at the top of both of these attractions are unbelievable.  The alpine slide and gondola in Winter Park and Breckenridge are fantastic.  We did ride the gondola in Vail as well as Glenwood Springs (  Another plus, a lot of the gondolas are dog friendly.20130616_16165120130616_17254920130817_16292020130817_1355433.  Independence Pass.  This is a must….period.  One of the most spectacular drives in Colorado.  Words can’t always express the abundance of beauty that you will experience on this drive.  We took 70 to the Copper Mountain exit and followed signage.  We looped around into Aspen and I must say that this drive alone could easily sum up why we absolutely love living in Colorado.  Just remember to bring a coat and to fill up the gas tank before committing to the pass.  There are not a lot of gas stations along the way.  Also, bring a camera…any camera, but you must take pictures! will try and post some more summer activities but in the meantime you can find me on Instagram under @lovelivingincolorado or Twitter @lovelivinginco.  I update these accounts regularly.  Happy summer!


Colorado Fall Foliage

It is that time of year again, FALL.  My favorite season!  We took the Guanella Pass scenic drive today.  We discovered a surprise along this beautiful scenic byway.  I truly didn’t realize that AUTUMN was here.  It is hard to tell in the city.  But, tucked away along the windy road that leads up to the Guanella Pass Summit is a hidden treasure.  Aspen trees line the winding road.  Bright yellow pops appear out of nowhere.  So many Aspen trees gleaming with yellow dance along the road.  If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of Aspens that actually look orange.  Along the green mountainsides, tucked quietly and almost secretively are the quintessential Aspens that truly define a Colorado AutumnFall in Colorado is a little bit different than let’s say Fall in the Northeast.  The Rocky Mountains display an unimaginable beauty during the Fall.  The sweet golden yellow that subtly protrudes through the massive green forests is breathtaking.  Beautiful Aspens line pathways and lead visitors to tranquility.  The air is crisp and quiet.Even the sky seems happier peering down on the beautiful Aspen trees.Tall, thin, and statuesque, Apsen trees stand with authority.

Winter will come quickly in Colorado.  Now is the time to load the car and take a road trip to see the beautiful Aspen trees in all of their glory.  I suggest taking the Guanella Pass scenic byway.  There are lots of places to pull the car over and take breathtaking pictures.Past posts about Guanella Pass and Colorado Fall foliage: