2014 Easter Sunrise Service-Red Rocks Amphitheatre

Last year we made it to our first Easter Sunrise Service at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre.  It was a wonderful experience. We had to wake up quite early.  It is best to be at Red Rocks by at least 5:00 am.  A lot of people attend this celebration.  The service starts at 6:00 am but in order to get a great seat in the back of the amphitheatre you must get there early.  We didn’t get a seat in the back but instead sat pretty close to the stage.  I didn’t mind where we sat because the whole experience was beautiful.  Some helpful tips if you are planning on attending:  the earlier the better….door time is 4:30 am but people are up and ready to get those prime seats at the top of the amphitheatre.  The top seats are where you actually get to see the sunrise above the red rocks.  Dress warmly.  It is chilly in the early am.  I would wear layers.  I would also suggest bringing a light blanket to cover your legs.  If you think about it, a hot beverage is a good idea.  Maybe coffee or hot chocolate.  Bring a backpack or tote bag to carry items.  Keep in mind that it is a steep climb up to the amphitheatre.  Admittance and parking are free. One more thing……don’t forget your camera!  You can’t beat the views from Red Rocks.  I have included some of my Easter pictures from last year.  Hope to see you there this year!  For more information please see below or visit–http://www.redrocksonline.com/CalendarEventDisplay.aspx?id=285755

DSC_0004This picture was taken at the beginning of the Easter Service.

DSC_0009This is mid-ceremony.

DSC_0010This is what it looks like when the sun has risen!

DSC_0030This is the walk up!

IMG_20130331_065451_184My husband captured this wonderful picture on our way back to the car.

Easter Sunrise Service at Red Rocks Amphitheatre:


Breckenridge, Colorado


My husband surprised me on my birthday with a trip to beautiful Breckenridge, Colorado.  We had never been to Breckenridge and to be totally honest, I wasn’t 100% sure where Breckenridge was located.  We have some very generous and caring friends that let us stay at their condo for the weekend.  We stayed two nights in lovely Breckenridge and even though there are 101 things to do in Breckenridge we did a whole lot of nothing and it was absolutely wonderful.  We ate, walked around Breckenridge, took our dog to the dog park, took our Christmas picture, took naps, and drank some wine.  I managed to take some pictures while we were in Breckenridge.  I can’t wait to go back and enjoy all of Breckenridge‘s splendid glory!  Thank you G.P., S.M., and B.L.P. for our amazing weekend.When we pulled up to the condo on Friday this fox was sitting below the balcony.  I put my longer lens on my camera to get a clear picture of the fox.  It didn’t even flinch when I was taking its picture.  It is almost as if the fox is greeting us.  Welcome to Breckenridge!  Enjoy your stay.This is the view walking into town.  Majestic beauty!This picture gives a nice view of the mountain range.This coffee shop is wonderful.  We got coffee here on Saturday and Sunday morning.A boulder in the Blue River with an intriguing past.The sky was so beautiful and blue and the Colorado flag was flowing perfectly in the wind.Breckenridge is a glorious town.  I forgot to mention that we did stop by the Breckenridge Distillery Tasting Room .  It is located at 137 Main Street in downtown Breckenridge.  We tried complimentary tastings of Bourbon Whiskey and Vodka.  It was so good we ended up buying a bottle of Breckenridge Vodka.

Happy Traveling!

Did you know that in 1898 “The Big Snow” comes to Breckenridge? Snow falls everyday from November through February, forcing residents to dig tunnels to travel through town and stopping all trains from visiting Breckenridge for months.

Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City

Back in March I posted about a Colorado “to do” list–https://lovelivingincolorado.wordpress.com/2012/03/13/colorado-to-do-list/

The first place that I mentioned on my list was the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park in Canon City.  We finally made it to the gorgeous, awe-inspiring, breathtaking suspension bridge.  The Royal Gorge Bridge is one of the world’s highest suspension bridges.  It hangs 956 feet above the canyon and spans a quarter mile across the canyon.

Important facts that intrigue me about the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park:

The Gorge was created some three million years ago when a trickle of water first began to slowly carve a canyon out of the solid granite bedrock. Today that trickle is the raging Arkansas, one of America’s longest rivers. And the masterpiece that it continues to carve at a rate of one foot every 2,500 years is the Royal Gorge in Cañon City, Colorado. The Royal Gorge is considered a world wonder, and is often referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Arkansas River. Yet it’s unlike any other canyon. The width at the canyon bottom is no more than 40 to 50 feet, while the top measures only a few hundred feet wide.

The Royal Gorge Bridge & Park is unlike any destination you’ll ever experience. A journey of epic proportions with more than 360 acres and 21 rides, shows and attractions to explore.You can walk across the bridge and drive.  We did both.  It was a little unnerving.  But we did it!  There was a slight separation between some of the wooden planks.  The picture below shows what you can see between the slight separation of the planks.  I thought this sign was funny.  What kind of fishing pole would you have to own to reach the water below?Flags from all 50 states line the bridge.  Of course, I took a picture of the Colorado flag.  I highly (no pun intended) recommend a trip to the Royal Gorge and Park in Canon City.  The park is a great place to relish in the beautiful Colorado landscape.

Colorado Fall Foliage

It is that time of year again, FALL.  My favorite season!  We took the Guanella Pass scenic drive today.  We discovered a surprise along this beautiful scenic byway.  I truly didn’t realize that AUTUMN was here.  It is hard to tell in the city.  But, tucked away along the windy road that leads up to the Guanella Pass Summit is a hidden treasure.  Aspen trees line the winding road.  Bright yellow pops appear out of nowhere.  So many Aspen trees gleaming with yellow dance along the road.  If you are lucky you can catch a glimpse of Aspens that actually look orange.  Along the green mountainsides, tucked quietly and almost secretively are the quintessential Aspens that truly define a Colorado AutumnFall in Colorado is a little bit different than let’s say Fall in the Northeast.  The Rocky Mountains display an unimaginable beauty during the Fall.  The sweet golden yellow that subtly protrudes through the massive green forests is breathtaking.  Beautiful Aspens line pathways and lead visitors to tranquility.  The air is crisp and quiet.Even the sky seems happier peering down on the beautiful Aspen trees.Tall, thin, and statuesque, Apsen trees stand with authority.

Winter will come quickly in Colorado.  Now is the time to load the car and take a road trip to see the beautiful Aspen trees in all of their glory.  I suggest taking the Guanella Pass scenic byway.  There are lots of places to pull the car over and take breathtaking pictures.Past posts about Guanella Pass and Colorado Fall foliage:





Pikes Peak and the Road to Heaven

I know that lately I incessantly talk about the heat here in Colorado.  I am sorry.  However, in my defense (which I have a good one) we don’t have central air conditioning and I just heard on our local news that July was a record breaker as far as heat is concerned.  See, there is my justification for whining about the heat:)  On to the positive….we try to be as proactive as we can on the weekends to beat the heat so we headed to Pikes Peak.  In Colorado, the higher the elevation the cooler the temperatures.  There is no better way to cool off naturally than to drive to an elevation of 14,110 feet.  I feel blissful when I see the temperature gauge in the car drop.  It is the most exciting feeling to see 95 degrees drop to 58 degrees.  Amazing!  The pictures in this post are of the drive up to Pikes Peak.  I will post more pictures of the view up at the top of Pikes Peak in a different post.  FYI–I had to wear my fleece at the top of Pikes Peak–:)The picture above shows the beginning of the drive.  There is a fee to drive to the top of Pikes Peak.  We paid $12.00 per person.When driving to a higher elevation in Colorado you never know what kind of weather to expect.  The pictures show clouds and then sun.  You can also expect rain, thunder, lightning, hail, and even snow.The road that leads you to the top of Pikes Peak is very windy.  But, the views are phenomenal.  I like this picture.  I am not sure what I was trying to capture but I love the way the sun has reflected itself on the mountain.  There is also a faint rainbow image just below the clouds.

Do you like the heat?  I prefer the fall and the winter.  I feel like it is easier to get warm than to cool off. 

El Dorado Canyon State Park in Colorado


We were on our way to Boulder and found this gem!  The website states:

Eldorado Canyon is a hidden treasure right in Boulder’s backyard!  Whether it’s hiking amidst the towering sandstone cliffs, picnicking along scenic South Boulder Creek or climbing Eldo’s sheer golden walls, Eldorado Canyon State Park truly has something for everyone!  Discover this hidden jewel and take home memories that will last a lifetime.

The drive through El Dorado Canyon State Park was absolutely beautiful.  We actually stumbled upon the park accidentally.  That is the best kind of discovery.  I had no idea that this beautiful state park was nestled in the sandstone cliffs along Highway 93.  The website gives directions to the state park from Boulder, Denver, and Golden, Colorado (http://www.parks.state.co.us/Parks/EldoradoCanyon/MapsandDirections/Pages/EldoradoCanyonMapsandDirections2.aspx).  There is a fee for entering the state park.  Fee information–

http://www.parks.state.co.us/Parks/EldoradoCanyon/Fees/Pages/Fees%20at%20Eldorado%20State%20Park.aspxDefinitely a must see in Colorado!  This state park is quintessential (I love that word) Colorado!

Before we stumbled upon the state park we had lunch at Woody’s  in Golden, Colorado (https://lovelivingincolorado.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/woodys-wood-fired-pizza-golden-colorado/).

Have you visited a state park?  We need to make an effort to visit more state parks here in colorful Colorado!  El Dorado Canyon State Park is gorgeous!

Buffalo Herd Overlook in Colorado

When we were recently driving on I-70 west from Denver we took exit 254 Genesee Park to see bison!  Exit 254 specifically says Buffalo Herd Overlook and the bison are right off the exit.  As you can see from the pictures they were just relaxing.  It was a warm day so I think that relaxing was the only option.  We saw baby buffalo (calves).  It was a great place to see wildlife.  Next time you are driving on I-70 be sure to stop and see the bison.  I found a couple of great websites that elaborate on Buffalo Herd Overlook off of I-70.



Are the words buffalo and bison interchangeable?  The exit said Buffalo Herd Overlook but I have referred to buffalo as bison after seeing them in the Grand Teton National Park.  What are your thoughts?