Colorado’s Fourteeners

When we moved to Colorado we knew Colorado was home to the Rocky Mountains.  However, we didn’t realize that Colorado is home to over 50 cloud scrapers or peaks that are above 14,000 feet.  This website ( gives a lot of information about the 14ers.

Mt. Elbert is the highest mountain in Colorado at 14,433 feet.

Sunshine Peak has the lowest elevation of the 14ers at 14,001 feet.

Pikes Peak has an elevation of 14,110 feet.  Pikes Peak serves as a glorious backdrop for the Garden of the Gods.

Hiking the 14ers is very popular in Colorado.  There are lots of websites that help prepare you for the climb.  Before hiking one of the 14ers it is best to do your homework (  The elevation of the 14ers is no joking matter and it is better to be prepared.

Does anyone know exactly how many 14ers are in Colorado?  I know it sounds strange to ask this but as I was gathering information for this post I read varying numbers.

Can someone please help clear up my confusion?


23 thoughts on “Colorado’s Fourteeners

  1. I noticed listed the elevation of Pikes Peak a bit different than all the advertising/brochures around here. When I did my Fourteener post, I found varying info and thus not sure who’s accurate. 🙂

    • You are right. I went back to my Cog Railway post and it stated 14,115 feet. Very confusing. Thank you for responding, I was in information overload and had to step away from my blog for a while:)

  2. As a kid growing up in western Kansas I’ve spent many summers fishing and hiking the mountains of Colorado and have been to many of the places you’ve posted. Great blog and thanks for checking mine out!

  3. I spent three years driving on highway 6 & 24 from Leadville to Minturn and I miss seeing this type of scenery so much– Passed by Mount Massive everyday and used to call it “the spine of the world”… Anyway, good post, have a good one!

      • Yes, hope to return to Colorado in the next year or two, just waiting to see what happens with the economy. I used to run a business in Avon, but it was getting pretty rough up there when I left two years ago– Very little tourism, not much snow. I miss the people in those little mountain towns the most!

      • I like Avon. I have only stopped through on our way to Glenwood Springs. I love that town. I am hoping we take a road trip to Aspen this summer. I like the mountain towns too. I am not ready for mountain living quite yet. I still like living in my very walkable neighborhood to go to the store and post office, etc.

  4. I can’t clear up your confusion. But I must thank you for reminding me of the Garden of the Gods.

    I travel all over the US and see many spectacular things but nothing compares to the rich color, jaw dropping sights of ginormous boulders perched at odd angles atop each other, and the feeling of having gone through a sacred place.


  5. The number of 14er’s has always been quite inexact. One of my dad’s friends, who has made it point to climb every 14er in the state, said the number is 48. Regarding, the elevation at the Pikes Peak summit, it’s always been taught as 14,110 ft. It, too, is either higher or lower depending upon the infortmation source you’re using. The important fact to know about Pikes Peak, it is the only 14er on the Colorado Front Range.

  6. I think that I can help a little bit. First of all, Pikes Peak is not the only peak on the front range. Long’s Peak up north by Longmont is also a great 14er to view from I-25. As for the difference in total peak numbers it has to do with prominence (for the most part). I’m over-simplifying but prominence is the elevation change and horizontal difference between peaks. For example: up by Durango is a 14er named Eolus, and right next to it is a peak named North Eolus. While North Eolus is above 14,000 ft United States Geographic Survey does not list it as such and instead views it as part of the ridge to Eolus because of the small amount of elevation loss/gain and distance between the to points. Hiking groups and small map makers fall in love with these peaks and feel they should be given there own respect. That is where the difference comes from, different groups viewing topological features differently. Hope that helps and I love the blog.

    • Thank you for the help. I was getting a bit frustrated at the varying numbers of peaks. I thought it was important to post about the 14ers because they are amazing. I want to take a ride on the Pike’s Peak Cog Railway this summer. At least I will be able to say I conquered one 14er even if I cheat a bit by taking the railway 🙂 Thank you again for helping out!

  7. It is so funny how it is confusing how many 14ers we have in CO! It seems it should be a simple answer…I would say anything that is 14000 (14er!) or above should be included but who knows lol. I just know it is in the 50 range..I thought 54 or 55 but I have seen the count be higher. Check out my post tomorrow..l just did Quandary Peak this week and I plan to do them all…so you will see lots of blogging about them!

    Have you done a 14er? Do you plan to?

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